A broker is a person who buys and sells goods on behalf of some other person. Similarly, Brokerage companies help their clients to buy or sell their assets in a hassle-free and timely fashion. Shayan Pakistan provides the brokerage service to its clients for a reasonable commission. We help sellers in marketing their property so that they could sell their property at the highest possible price. We also help buyers in purchasing the property at the best possible price.

Services we provide to Sellers:
  • Listing properties for sale on the Multiple Listing Service
  • Contacting other MLS broker members to find good buyers
  • Helping sellers to prepare their home for listing
  • Sharing results and feedback, and submitting offers for consideration
  • Negotiating offers for a successful purchase and coordinating the transaction process on behalf of the seller
  • Working with the seller throughout the process until closing and moving out from their property
Services we provide to Buyers:

  • Locating properties, keeping in view the buyers’ desired area, price range, and other important factors
  • Taking buyers to visit and view properties
  • Helping buyers in making an initial offer and negotiating on behalf of them

  • Coordinating the transaction process and explaining all the important documents to the buyer
  • Helping in inspections, preparing reports and repair negotiations
  • Helping buyers throughout the process until closing and taking possession

Why should you hire us?

You might be wondering why should you go to a brokerage company instead of buying/selling the property on your own. This is because brokers have access to the database of potential buyers and investors. They are up to date with market trends and develop a marketing strategy. They can help you determine the best offer and selling price.